May1728 - Impact of High Penetration Photo-Voltaic on Distribution Systems

In Iowa, at the distribution system level, the amount of Solar PV generation is increasing quickly. As this growth continues, utilities are seeing problems in the distribution feeders (power flow through the feeder in the opposite direction, over-voltage, etc.). As more and more solar PV power is being added to the distribution systems, the utilities are having trouble keeping up with the additional generation.


  • Simulation of an Aliant Energy owned distribution feeder that contains high solar penetration
  • Gauge and understand the impact of high penetration solar on the voltage profile of the distribution feeder for the worst case situations such as low demand, large generation, and others.
  • Analyze the impact of residential solar power generation compared to the impact of community solar power generation
  • Find some ideas that will provide beneficial solutions to Alliant Energy that will preventing future problems with high solar penetration